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Applying for School

When you decide it's time to go back to college, you do not have to limit yourself to one school. Many students apply to more than one school to increase their chances of getting accepted for the coming semester, and then attend the school was their ideal choice after receiving acceptance letters. Finding an application for the school is easy. If you are interested in a school at Course Mentor, simply fill out the form provided for that school online and wait to receive more information. Applications can often be downloaded online from the school website as well. You can also call the school and request the application via the mail. There are schools that do not have a downloadable application, but instead have you fill everything online through your browser. Be sure to read the application you are filling out carefully. Treat it similar to applying for a job, giving thorough attention and detail to all the requested information. Most schools will require an official high school transcript, test results, and other documents. This is to verify your identity. Application fees may also be required. Transcripts and other official documents can be obtained from one of your high school's officials; the same records a college requests were requested for high school entry and are on file. Keep all of your applications organized. Make copies of the paperwork you have submitted for your personal records. The waiting period to receive a response could be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. There are millions of students applying to colleges across the nation, so it takes time for universities to sort through the paperwork. One of the benefits of applying online at Course Mentor is that you will receive an expedited response versus other application methods.