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Online Accounting Degrees

Accounting deals with the world of finance and taxes. This vocation requires professionalism, skill, and financial knowledge. Online accounting degrees and education are excellent choices for any student pursuing a career in the field. Distance learning degree programs offer challenging courses that will prepare students for a bright and stable future. Accountants work in many areas providing services to corporations, small businesses, and the public. Careers branch out into other areas of expertise, such as business administration and management. Students in search of an education in accounting must learn how to budget, communicate, manage money, complete taxes, understand tax laws, and handle tough situations. Degrees vary in this profession. Each online school will have certain degree programs with established curriculum outlined on their websites. Students are able to speak with admissions and discuss whether their school is the best choice for them. Although every program may be accredited and professional, students have to make the right decision based on their own personal needs and career goals. They may also need to consider how they will pay for the program as well. Financial aid is more willing to accommodate students and answer any questions they may have. Remember to ask what degrees are available and how long does it take to complete. A potential student who is hoping to finish their degree within a year should ask this before making a commitment to a program that is much longer. A certificate or associate's degree may only take a year and is a good choice in this case. However, a bachelor's or master's degree may take two or three years to complete.

Typical Online Accounting Courses:

  • Accounting
  • Business Law For Accounting
  • Compensation and Bankruptcy
  • Economics
  • Financial Reporting
  • Financial Statements
  • Forecasting
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Income Taxation
  • Information Systems
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Payroll Administration and Cost Accounting
  • Regression Analysis
  • Tax Law

Accounting Information Systems A degree program that incorporates studies in design, performance, and the monitoring of information systems to provide students with the proper training and education. Accounting for Managers This master's degree provides skills in management and finances.

  • Distribution of resources to achieve corporate ideas
  • Budget process
  • Directing functions of organizations
  • Supervision
  • Development and planning
  • Deployment of internal and external data for control and performance investigation

Business Administration Degree A business administration degree prepares students to work in a business office setting. Degrees available:

  • Associate's
  • Bachelor's
  • Certification
  • Master's

Possible curriculum:

  • Accounting
  • Accounting Information Systems
  • Business Office Procedures
  • Communication
  • Computers
  • Controllership
  • Finance
  • Keyboarding
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Taxation

Certified Public AccountantsCertified Public Accountants or CPAs are excellent degree choices for students seeking better paying jobs in finance. They are professionals who deal with tough tax questions, tax forms, and the Internal Revenue Service. Also known as consultants, they handle accounting duties and provide financial assistance to small business owners, the self-employed, and many other types of customers. CPA graduates must also take a certification exam by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants in order to perform the duties regulated to CPAs. They cannot give advice or complete any financial forms without a license. Controllership Accounting A degree program that teaches students about trade and industry plans and decision-making ideals required to progress forward in their existing careers or open up into new areas of study. Training in:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Financial planning and implementation
  • Government finance and auditing
  • Problem solving
  • Tax and bookkeeping

More information is available at Forensic Accounting Degree This degree provides students with the skills to acknowledge white-collar crimes and any problems with accounting in businesses. Students are taught to investigate and investigate crimes involving money and finances. Requires a:

  • Bachelor's degree
  • Certified Fraud Examiner or Certified Financial Forensic Accountant

Graduate Accounting Certificate Program A degree program offered by some schools to teach students knowledge in auditing, taxation, information systems, and financial analysis. Students become skilled at managing economical capital in any type of business. This degree leads to employment as accountants, auditors, and budget analysts. Master of Accounting and Financial Management Prepares students for employment and careers in the business world. This degree enables them to take exams as certified public accountants and chartered financial analysts. Masters in Public Affairs This degree instructs graduates how to manage public funding through government and non-profit agencies. They learn how to set strict guidelines regarding budgets and finances. A public affair career entails keeping watchful eyes on how money is used and distributed. Property Tax Manager This bachelor's degree specialty requires a great deal of experience. This career is dedicated to making sure all accounting and financial information is correct. They also are responsible for managing property tax and everything that goes along with it. It is important to maintain current with the laws surrounding property taxes. Responsibilities of tax manager:

  • Determines a way to solve accounting and consulting issues
  • Directs project stages, budgets time and expenditures, oversees tangible performance opposed to set budget, assesses working papers for precision and thoroughness, and examines fiscal reports
  • Organizes financial statements, memos, agendas, management correspondence, and tax returns
  • Provides guidance and train all staff
  • Submits information to upper management

Read more in-depth information regarding accounting, management, and taxes at Taxation Degree Tax season is a very busy time of the year and requires the right people to handle the job. Taxation degrees train students to provide services to small businesses, corporations, and the ordinary taxpayer. This degree specializes in:

  • Communication
  • Computer skills
  • Income tax preparation
  • Understanding tax laws and forms