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Ten Reasons to Consider Distance Learning

If want to further your education, but the idea of sitting in a classroom listening to a lecture is not your cup of tea, have you thought about a distance learning course online? Well here's 10 reasons why you should :

10. Convenient Schedule

Let's face it. Most of us already have so many commitments at home and at work that fitting in a ridged class schedule would be nearly impossible without quitting our jobs or spending a lot less time with our families. But if you choose an education online, you'll be able to work on your assignments and get your course work at times that are more flexible so you can more easily add the demands of an education to your schedule.

9. Improved Opportunities

Another good reason to consider an online education is you're going to open up lots of new doors for yourself. A good education is going to be particularly important in a market teeming with other candidates for every available job. You need a good way to set yourself apart from the rest of the herd. Having that degree is going to help you immensely even if you just want to get a promotion at your existing place of employment

8. Make More Money

People who earn higher degrees are going to earn more money. That's what every survey has always shown. Now that doesn't mean you'll necessarily become wealthy with a degree in philosophy but it does mean businesses value education. You are much more likely to earn the kind of salary you want if you have a degree. And you'll undoubtedly see your existing earnings increase each time you add a relevant degree to the mix.

7. Expand Your Knowledge

Although the monetary and professional benefits of choosing an education online are great, there's also something to be said for just learning more. Education is all about expanding your experiences and gaining a wider view of the world. This is definitely going to help you in all aspects of your life, even in ways you may never have realized. The education you'll gain is definitely worth the expense all by itself.

6. Better Contact with Instructors

One under discussed benefit of online education is that you'll have more direct and frequent contact with your professors. In traditional classrooms, you may be one of 30 or even one of 130 students in a class so the chance of you getting one-on-one time to talk to your professor is rare indeed. With online courses, however, you can talk to teachers via email and chat rooms. Even though you may still be competing with a lot of other students for your teacher's attention, you do have a better chance of making that connection. This is particularly true if you're introverted. For shy people, an online education can actually foster a relationship between them and the instructor that would otherwise have never existed.

5. Better Discussions Among Students

If you've been in a traditional college class, you know most of the people don't participate in discussions. Most people prefer to talk to their friends and to stay unnoticed in the classroom - getting noticed usually means being put on the spot by the instructor and no one wants to have that happen. With an online education, discussions are primarily done through forums, message boards, and chat rooms. That means you'll have a greater opportunity to connect with your peers about the subject matter. There won't be the pressure of being put on the spot nor will there be the competition of friends.

4. More Comfortable for Adult Learners

A challenging thing for many adult learners is going into a classroom full of 18 to 20 year olds and trying to fit in. Even if you're 25 years old, this can be daunting but as you get older and the age different between you and your fellow students grow the problem worsens. An education online is a good choice for adult learners because most of the other people you'll be learning with are also adult learners and because age won't be a factor. Since age in the classroom is normally determined by appearance and since you won't be seeing any of your fellow classmates, no one will know your age unless you want to reveal it.

3. Greater Self Reliance

Despite what you may have heard about college, many of the professors are still very big on "hand holding" which means they basically walk the students through the semester instead of leaving them with the responsibility for their assignments, homework, or attendance. With an education online, however, that hand holding is not going to be an option. You will have sole responsibility for what you do or don't do. And that gives you more independence and more control over your education.

2. Convenient Team Activities

Group learning is still very much popular in online education but groups get to work together via the Internet instead of having to re-arrange their schedules to find an hour when no one has class, when no one has to work, and when everyone has a babysitter for their children. Because of the growing diversity in the college population, traditional methods of group work are becoming more challenging for the students. But through online means, students schedules can be arranged more conveniently and work can get done more efficiently.

1. The Education Method of the Future

Education online is not just a fad nor is it an easy way for working adults to get a degree. Instead, this is the future of education as we know it. More and more traditional colleges are expanding their distance learning programs. Potential students are finding a greater variety of majors and degree programs available to choose from and more employers are accepting online degrees as equally valid to traditional ones. Soon this is how people will be learning in greater numbers so you might as well be ahead of the game.